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Gas feed record 5

This case: 558.9km/44.71L = 12.50km/L
Total: 11.31km/L (26.61 MPG)

Gas feed record 4

This case: 307.8km/29.14L = 10.56km/L
Total: 11.00km/L (25.89MPG)

Gas feed record 3

This case: 527.1km/42.84L = 12.30km/L
Total: 11.09km/L (26.10MPG)

Gas feed record 2

This case: 477.1km/46.01L = 10.37km/L
Total: 10.58km/L (24.89MPG)

Gas feed record 1

582.1km/54.09L = 10.76km/L

Mounting iPad mini on CLA

iPad mini is mounted on console by using MOUNTEK.

Oh... I can't see any switches for Audio and others... Need to exam better position.

There found a problem for mounting. The volume dial was contacted to the mountek. So the dial doesn't work. Maybe, this problem is common to other Mercedes cars. I cut off the plate a little. Can you recognize the place where I cut?

By cutting a little, the dial works so well, even though it is behind the iPad.

Appearance of mountek and CD slot.

Cool Wheel for CLA250


Dealer menu

Many guys would like to know how to access to the dealer menu which is not able to access without knowing the hidden command.

I recognize that there are two hidden menus. One is the dealer menu, the other is the engineering menu, someone said it the engineering mode.

This entry writes the dealer menu. The access command to the engineering menu is not still revealed about 2016 version of CLA250, I think.

Command: Hang-on (red one) - 7 - 9 - #(hash tag)

You push the command about 10 seconds. Then you can access to the dealer menu. However the key's alignment is localized. Mostly it is similar, but it depends on the country. Do not worry, you push the keys according to the meaning, not according to the position shown in the video.

Here is YouTube video. You can easily understand how to access the menu.

Next, I'm gonna show you the pictures of dealer menu. I will summerize the menu.

Here, CLA250 has come.

Today, Sep 1st/2017, Mercedes Benz CLA250 Shooting Brake (2016 version) has come to me.

I'm going to upload someting about it to this blog. I hope this blog will be useful for CLA lovers.