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CLA 250 Shooting Brake with Mercedes genuine roof box (450L)


CLA 250 with Mercedes genuine roof box whose capacity is 450L.

Side view.

Front view.

Rear view.

Below is Japanese.

CLA 250 4maticにメルセデス純正のルーフボックス(450L)をつけた時の様子です。ベースも純正です。メルセデスの場合、純正以外だとThule一択っぽい(ThuleのベースにTERZOのキャリアとかもいけるようですが)ですね。




Is my car able to stop behind the other stopped car by using distronic plus?

Some drivers are wondering the car is really able to stop behind the stopped car in front of you by using the distronic plus. I was wondering too. I just tried and it was successful. But I think we do not leave your foot from the brake pedal even though the system in on.

Price of basic carrier rail

My CLA is SB. SB's basic carrier rail's price is, for example, 389.91 EUR. Its part number is A1178900193.

But CLA coupe's one is 292.44 EUR. Its part number is A1178900093.

Um... WHat's the difference between them????