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Cat on MB

Cat was on my CLA's hood. Noooo.....

Gas feed record 7

New 3 records are added.

Umm, total consumption is about 11.01km/L.

Driving on the highway, I use E mode on the smooth road or S mode on the winding road. Driving on the city road, I use C mode.

Distance(km)Amount(L)Consumption(km/L)Total consumption(km/L)16552.655.2110.010.8817603.546.812.9011.0118472.842.911.0211.01

Smart key didn't recognized.

I do not know the reason why, but the key didn't recognized, even though the engine is on. Sorry, the message is shown in Japanese.

I restarted the engine, and this alarm was gone out.

Trouble for Climate control

I got 2 troubles for climate control. Both are resulted from motors trouble.

1) I heard a small noise from the left of stealing. I need to notice my car is RHD. Here is the sensor to measure the temperature in the car. This sound came from the motor inside the mesh.

The sensor to measure temperature inside a car was replaced.

2) Even though I set the temperature at "HI", I got cool wind from the climate control. However, I recognized that the wind at the navigator seat is so hot that I understood that there were some troubles at the flap control. The motor to control the flaps was initialized, and I was free from the troubles.

Gas feed record 6

So much tired to upload data with images. I'm lazy now...

Distance(km)Amount(L)Consumption(km/L)Total consumption(km/L)7530.350.3710.5211.058463.846.3710.0010.939279.527.9510.0010.8610694.851.5813.4711.1511263.527.159.7111.0712209.817.2412.1711.1113512.045.0611.3611.1314477.151.239.3110.9715556.852.210.6710.95

Mostly 11km/L. It is better than SUBARU(GDBC STi).